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travelling art therapy Services Available


Fees as of July 2023

$193.99 - 1hr

(excluding travel and other fees)

$180 - 45min

(excluding travel and other fees)

$50 per person per hour

for group art therapy

(a sliding scale is available, please get in touch)

Individual or group Art Therapy for Children and Adolescents
Tailored embodied expressive arts therapy  sessions can be helpful in dealing with:
-  self-regulation
- difficulties adjusting to changes in family and home
- loss or separation

- the birth or death of family members (changes to family)

-  physical and learning difficulties

-  emotional or behavioral issues

-  unresolved conflicts in familial relationships

-  developmental or mental health issues

-  neurodiversity

-  executive functioning issues

-  sensory processing issues

-  identity issues

Expressive Arts Therapy at the studio or at schools

Art Therapy at the Studio or schools
Travelling Art Therapy is available to work with children in a variety of schools and after school with flexibility around their academic schedules and needs.
Right now working at :

Fraser Primary School
Ngunnawal Primary School
Blue Gum School

Macquarie Primary School

The studio is also available for individual session and small groups offering a variety of materials and mediums to choose from and be inspired by.



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