Services Available

One-to-One Art Therapy for Children and Young people:
Tailored sessions in art, creative, therapeutic or counselling sessions can be helpful in dealing with:
-  difficulties adjusting to changes in family and home
-  loss or separation

-  the birth or death of family members

-  physical and learning difficulties or disabilities

-  emotional & behavioral issues

-  unresolved conflicts in familial relationships

-  developmental or mental health issues

-  hyperactivity

-  substance misuse in adolescents

-  eating disorders

-  identity issues

One-to-One Art Therapy for Adults:

Art Therapy can be beneficial with adults struggling with one or several aspects in their lives and giving them the tools to overcome and find acceptance. Other benefits may include:


-  Establish trust and comfort, building a safe environment for expression.

-  Improvement of interpersonal and communication skills.

-  Respect and acceptance towards themselves and others.

-  Problem solving skills, and new perspective through the artwork.

-  Safe experimentation with art materials before making real changes. 

-  Use the art as an outlet for feelings such as fear, guilt, pain or rage.

-  Allows time about their future and make informed choices.


Art Therapy for different Groups


Something special happens in an art therapy groups.  People engaged in art making together enhance one another's sense of creativity, enjoying their own process as well as each other's. 


Part of the group experience is focusing on the images and sharing stories about them.  This generates new insights and change.  Images have stories to tell, feelings to express, complaints to make and endless communication.  Significant themes and concerns emerge. We begin to see things we had not noticed before, broadening our perspective.


In Group Art Therapy participants learn from one another and gain a sense of caring, community and belonging.  Feelings of aloneness and isolation can begin to shift, stress and anxiety can reduce and there is a sense of renewed energy.



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