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What is Art Therapy?


Art therapy is based on the evidence that the creative process can be healing and empowering. The artwork is a tool to express those feelings that may be too difficult to verbalise. The creative process of expressive arts therapies can be a less confrontational means of communication than just talking. Art therapy is focused around the needs of the individual and is for everyone regardless of their artistic abilities, as it focuses on the process and what might come up during that time.

What are the Benefits

Art Therapy bridges the gap between the conscious and the unconscious. It can bring light to parts of us that are blocked, inhibited or stuck. The main focus is on the process, which allows a person to discover new insight and meaning that might not be achieved with traditional talk therapy. Appropriate for all ages, it can enhance a person’s emotional, spiritual, cognitive, and physical well-being. No experience in art is required and several modalities and techniques are available within expressive arts therapy to help you in your journey towards self discovery and acceptance.



The individual or group can freely choose from a variety of art media to give expression to thoughts and feelings but the session can also have a theme to help one ease into the process.



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